Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gift for a friend!

This is a friend I sort of met! I know it's a weird statement but it is true. I knew her on a craft forum that we participate and one day she came to NY, and posted a picture of herself on the forum. And the next day, I had something to do in the Chinese embassy so I went to NYC too. As I was waiting, she walked in. I was so surprised to see her but since I've never actually met her before, I didn't fork up the courage to go up and talk to her.....
Anyways, I confirmed that it was her online and regretted it ever since. So we made a gift for each other. Here is my gift for her and to make up for her, I put extra thinking in there and made a pair of special earrings for her and her daughter.
I hand made and hammer a zodiac sign for aquarius ( her daughter's zodiac sign) and wrapped it with garnet rondelles( January's birthstone) and dangling from it, there's a blue topaz briolette ( my friends's birthstone). It came out better than I thought! I hope she would like it!

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