Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going to my favorite Thai place for lunch!

I love Thai food especially if it's super spicy!
There's that Thia place pretty far away from where I live or work and I was obsessed with it about two years ago that I HAD to go there at least once a week! And now I seem to be doing better with my obsession and only go there once every a couple months, that place is still my absolutely favorite restaurant in the whole world!

Got to leave soon and will update pictures if it's not too weird taking out my phone and starting shooting pictures in front of my boss and all the colleagues, haha.


  1. I love Asian food, but unfortunately there's no Thai restaurant in our area. Since I don't like spicy, I might not care for Thai, but I'd be willing to try it, at least. Hope you enjoyed yours.

  2. Thai is delicious! Not all the food are spicy, and actually lots of them are kind of sweet! If you like Asian food, I think you will enjoy Thai too!